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Grux Cinematic - Lighting in UE5

Desert level for a cinematic approach to this character, trying to give him some personality with a more complex scene. Fully Dynamic lights and reflections with Lumen in Unreal Engine 5.2.1

For lights, I just used a skylight and a directional light. Using a PostProcess Volume for control the autoexposure in a stablished 'mid-day' EV100. Around 4 stops between light and shadows. Background is a sphere with hdri material.

Since my PC isn't capable of raytracing, I had to tweak shadows with properties like Contact Shadow Lengths. Everything is dynamic lighting with GI rendered in Lumen. These are HQ Screenshots in real-time environment.

HQ Screenshots and a few rendered with Movie Render Queue just for the AntiAliasing.

- Grux - Paragon character from Epic Game's Marketplace
- Quixel Megascans for textures and meshes for environmental objects.
- HDRI from PolyHaven